“I’m here to announce that these boys got the bounce,
It’s daddy’s soul without it being too old,
It’s the disco moves on a hip hop groove.
It’s the vinyl crisp with a 2020 twist,

It’s mighty hot sex without strings attached,
It’s casual. Soooo casual..”

Do you remember how Kevin is having the time of his life in his hotel room in Home Alone 2? That’s Casual. It is exactly what the name suggests: to have fun with no strings attached. It’s the circus where you go to be entertained, it’s the comedy show you go to get a laugh, it’s the world you escape to and forget about everything. Taking inspiration from artists like Jungle, Justice, Pharrell and Outkast, Casual blends modern takes on ‘70’s disco and soul vibes with a late ‘90’s hip hop bounce that result in uplifting songs – bringing you to a new world of wonders..